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T-Shirt Soul-Match #5 Following the multiple 2016 earthquakes, together with heavy monsoon rainfalls, a devastating landslide resulted in the remote village of Lumle, VDC-6, Kaski District, after midnight on June 31st. Shiva Devkota (45), a father of three sons (6, 11, and 12) and a teacher here at Siddha Lower Secondary School, providing for a

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Soul Match, your few minutes could be life changing for someone!!!!!!!!!!

Susma ‘Nepal’ is an 18 years young single mother of 10 month old Assha. Upon falling pregnant, her ex-husband kicked her out of their home. Having no other family to return to, she became homeless until she met Eku, who offered to lodge her in exchange for help with his seven newly adopted orphans, found

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दुखेको घाउमा लगाउछ मलम ,soul helping soul 

T-Shirt Soul-Match #1 This is Remesh Giri, 40. Remesh, his wife and 5 year-young son have been homeless since loosing their house in the Gorkha earthquake. They now try to survive as he earns small amounts daily, performing in the streets of Kathmandu, purely from his singing talent. If you wish to support, contact, or

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सुलेमान (इकु)को जन्मदिन अनाथ बाल बालिकाको साथमा ,

our favorite actor iku(Suleman Shankar ) is celebrating his birthday with orphan children with full of joy and courage.His brave and loving heart is now getting wider than ever to overcome more success in future.Taking their sorrow together and laugh when they laugh is all he does in his daily life. Our Nepalese heart is greater than

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भुकम्पको पिडा नेपालि बाहेक कसले बज्ला र , निउजिल्याड को लागि प्रथाना गरौ

हामि नेपालिको दुखेको घाऊ अझ सेलायको छैन र कहिले सेलाउने हो पत्तो छैन,तैपनि धैरे धारण गरेर निउजिल्याड बाशिको लागि प्रथाना गरौ कि उनिहरुले हामिले भोगेको दुख भोगनु नपरोस।

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