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संकल्प, Free verse(Mr.Santo)

New Rising star born in the small village of Chitwan Nepal Mr. Santosh chapagain.well he is a young boy or you can call him the young energetic man.He loves playing games , watch movies, and especially he is a new artist with full of courage in his soul.As a fact I would like to say, he is

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GIRI GATES 'Ayush Giri'ICON FROM Okhaldhunga

As we heard song by Narayan Gopal , mero payaro okhaldhunga ‘ the greatest song of all time and we can only imagine some man come from place where best singer of all time had the best time of their life and now we do not have our heroes but thankfully we have our raising hero shining through

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SaaYaas,Palpable Presence

Mr.SaaYaas, pathfinder becoming more generous and valued for Nepalese people living all around the world.On the behalf of Mr saayaas, we would like to thank all audience and blog reader.He is a fortune man came from Tikapur,kailali Nepal ,born in Achham on 1995,even though he is young and vibrant we always admire him for his

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Lincoln vs Haude

‘Nearly all man can stand adversity but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’this is the quotes by ‘Abraham lincoln’s we all know he was a great man with great achievement.Hari Chandra poudel and Namrada poudel gave birth to Lincoln poudel on kupondale Lalitpur Nepal.Every parent have a dream of their children so that they could see

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