ज्योति मगरको ताल्चा साचो अनि कालेको रोमान्स

अफ्रिकन संगको माया प्रेम हाम्रि हट मोडल अनि गायिको ज्योति मगरको रोमान्स लाई समेटेर तयार पारियको रमाईलो लोग गित पुर्नपरियारले तपाईसामु लियर आउनुभयको छ।

Mr purna pariyar who was born in lower cast in Nepal as we all know and our generation pass by the system has not been changed yet, Mr. purna pariyar currently lives  in Brisbane Australia and working for his dream . recently he releases new song to promote new system of equality and trying to bring awareness for everyone who still believes people are different from their color of skin and what they do for living.

If you want to get married to the person you love and-and feel the way you like then watch this video where you can see two difference people fall in love without any trouble and even they separate from family to build their love together.

Live love and dream big so you can enjoy your life. living in Nepal with many disappointment and not having a courage to fight racism between own people is very distressing fact of our recent community. Now it’s time to change yourself and bring changes to the community as well.Your simple effort could be lots for somebody. Stop racism and love everyone, do not differentiate people by their color and profession.Let your feet stand on their soil and feel yourself then you will find peace within yourself.








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