Being an Architech

Laxman chapagain basically known from the name Lucky Xman was born at Dibyanagar-9,Chitwan which is 138km far from the Kathmandu,the capital of Nepal. He has been staying in Australia for 7 years. He passed SLC from Milijuli Boarding school which is also situated in Chitwan.from his childhood he is kind,helpful,and obedient. He often used to help his friends in need. He is a friendly man. Recently he has ben studying Architecture at Melbourne Polytechnic.

An Architect is someone who plans,design,and oversees the construction of building .carrying the motto of being the architect he started studying architect. During his interview with, he told that after being architect the wild get the job as a building designer . He loves and likes designing new buildings , homes etc. He also told that at first he had trouble getting into sketch but now he really loves and enjoys sketching. He further mentioned that he did a few mistakes but now mistake had taught him to overcome his difficulties and problems. From the inspiration of wide range of variety building from Australia, he started studying architect. His aim is to create a better and sustainable world. He got full family support but he had financial and motivational problems. He loved being the architect from every angle and doesn’t regret of studying architect. He mentioned that it is not difficult to be an architect.

At last, he suggests to every person in this world to carry dream and also told that if you became an architect then you will spend every second of life creating something beautiful.

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