Broadway to the Narrow river

  • Extinction of maternity and sovereignty are on their way to Lilly’s home, I walked mile and mile for a month to reach Lilly’s home but I was the terrified man on earth while I was crawling through my feet.Even before  I step out of my journey my mother shoved the piece of bread into my pocket, while I was standing opposite to little Jonny.I already missed him with more memories than ever, every time I go to sleep he always stood beside me by urinating all over my face and taking my underwear while I was undressing for the swim.
  • Nevermind, it was the long journey and I was on my own so said goodbye to mama and especially little Jonny.Every step I took felt like tearing apart from something loved and never going to see again.I had to see Lilly somehow because I haven’t seen her for very long time and I was afraid I am never going to see her again.I meet’ Bozrah’ on my way and he took me to his home, I felt little crazy at the first but he offered me a food and drink so, I couldn’t refuse.After being introduced to his big family he took me into his garage and took gun then pointed at me.The beginning I was afraid that he laughed and tapped on my shoulder then ask me to hold.
  • Staying at someone’s house and refusing his demand his harder than ever the especially man with long beard and mustache, not that I scared of a beard but that weird and grumpy stupid behavior.Before I left his house next morning he gave me his scary gun and ask me to take it.In my life, I never saw and used guns but he said just take it and use it for your safety.I walked from there without saying any word then never looked back.I felt little strange because I was what might Lilly thing if she sees me with guns on my shoulder.
  • It was already a week and I was still on my way to my sister Lilly, how could you not get scared if you see the bunch of people coming in front of your face.They took my gun and left, I realize I was on war zone and everyone is fighting for their survival.With two pieces of bread in my pocket on a war zone, I was completely dishonest with myself.Carrying a bag wasn’t my thing neither killing, but when a situation is worse you have to tackle accordingly.I walked through the small town where babies were crying and women’s were raped on the street, by seeing all this with my eyes I was like disable person, I couldn’t do anything rather than helping myself by surviving at any cost.
  • Wrapped me with black mud and dust so no one recognizes me.Passing through the street I saw little grocery shop where I could only find expired canned food left by everyone.I managed to take few of them then I slept that night on the bush, lizard crawling on my face, ants bite I was terrified by everything .i could only imagine my luxury bed and my home at that time.Before the sun comes up I woke up and passed that town, it was very dusty and forest everywhere.
  • A month passed but my lovely sister home was still far away, mountains, birds, trees, bush and little ants were only my friends.It was the big town with the big building, I was happy to see all of these but when I reach that place it was deserted, everyone was running everywhere. I decided to take gun where I could easily find anywhere on the street.Even killed few people even I didn’t want to kill.Hoped their soul rest in peace.Guns on my shoulder and dust on my body I was looked like the ghost.
  • Lilly had two sons and daughter, her husband died long years back.I was worried what would Lilly think when she sees me on this makeover and habit.I was an honest man once but everything changed now, I become surviving soldier from a war zone.The struggle for existence, I did what I had to do on that time.Time is everything, time changed me from honest man to killer.
  • Finally reached my sister’s home but when I reached there she shot me with the gun.When I woke up I was lying on a bed with Lilly’s on my side crying, she said sorry but it was my fault that I became the killer.If I were an honest man and didn’t kill anyone she probably wouldn’t shoot I realize, life could change in a second doesn’t matter it could be worse or better but what matter is how you lived your life.Honest man becomes killer now.img_6892 Broadway to the Narrow river
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