Chitrakar Gallery And Melbourne Nepalese Festival

Nepal and Nepali we all are united and fight for our freedom to create wonderland but sometimes we live in the continent but we still love our culture and cultural values.Chitrakar Gallery we all know about him and a Nepal festival are happening today with great prosperity of generating Nepalese culture and food of its kind.At the same time, Chitrakar Gallery is promoting its art with many Nepalese and all people around the globe.

Nepalese festival in Melbourne always happens every two years and now this is the best opportunity to find out about Nepal and Nepalese arts which are now we can see locally from Melbourne by Arun Chitra Kar.17-12-2016 is today and you can go to federation square now to enjoy Chitra Kar gallerys arts and its awesome work generated by his own talent.

However, today’s program you can still buy Arun art and keep in your home to feel more like living in Nepal and loving our own culture.

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