Bipin Rijal,born on 1998 October 22 is a person having amazing dreams and is curious towards his dreams. Recently he has just joined  +2 in Saptagandaki Multiple Campus situated at Chitwan. He usually likes to play the Musical instrument like Guitar,Tabla,madal and so on. He also loves modern and hip-hop songs . Mostly he like hip-hop dresses. He is a boy having the enthusiasm of being C.A (charter accountant) in future.

fb_img_1472304119478 COMEDY KING BIPINTalking to he said he used to write Nepali poetry during his leisure time . Similarly, he had just played a short film and short comedy role, on the other hand, he had created a facebook page named as “JOCKS KO BHANDAR” with a motto to entertain people and to bring the smile on their face.

fb_img_1472304099296 COMEDY KING BIPINHe loved travelling. He often used to go syangha,remote area of Nepal with his friends to get enjoyment from the natural beauty present over there. He is quite interested in journalism. Sometimes he cracks jokes in order to make funny environment . He used to play games like football,volleyball,badminton e.t.c . During his interview, he told that all the people in this world should carry some dreams because success always follows the dream attempted though there may be some setbacks and delays.

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