Dil Tamang and his Mind Blowing Singing Performance,Lets watch…


wishes and dreams sometimes don’t come together and even when you sit within the boundary you still see your dream but never would expect it would come one day and you will be over the moon searching for your destiny.It is how it is and it has to be ,otherwise, we would not be able to see our mind blowing performance by our great artist , we called them the superhero.14100448_10206476471781035_5596541260531795832_n Dil Tamang and his Mind Blowing Singing Performance,Lets watch...

Having a passion and taking together  with your  perspective view from parents is very difficult even though we struggle and won’t tell them everything and stay connected with friends and our supporters to mobilize our footstep.Our Creative artist who never took any lessons for music and never went to music class is now gradually entertaining us by his talent and we couldn’t just ignore the fact that we do have a fantastic artist around us here in Australia.

Mr.Dil Tamang  was born in Ramychap Nepal where he was very lucky to see his natural beauty by his bare eyes and still we can see he never let that go.Because of circumstance Mr.Bahadur Singh Tamang and Indira Tamang took Dil with them and moved to Kathmandu Nepal to experience different life .Mr.Dil spend his childhood in Kathmandu and he made lots of friends at that time who supported him for his ability.

However, not having support from parents and family he still had many friends who gave him the courage to go to the stage and perform his song and dance.There was no doubt that he would not perform badly so with many cheering from everyone made him even stronger to become successful singer today.

Mr. Dil sang so many songs till now and currently living in Australia for his career and he is still building a brick for his dream world.Encouraging every artist to bring Nepalese culture forward and loving what he does as we can see from his performance.

Let get united and support our artist to shine and rise so that we can always have favorite artist around us.chheparo.com is supporting our artist to come forward in the international platform including national .We want every artist to get their fair go so, please if you believe every artist should get their fair go then subscribe chheparo.com and spread the word to everyone so that we can help more people who are in need.


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