GIRI GATES 'Ayush Giri'ICON FROM Okhaldhunga

As we heard song by Narayan Gopal , mero payaro okhaldhunga ‘ the greatest song of all time and we can only imagine some man come from place where best singer of all time had the best time of their life and now we do not have our heroes but thankfully we have our raising hero shining through mountain hill and we all know him Mr. Giri gates.

Mrs. Bimala Giri and Mr.Ram Giri gave birth to Mr. Ayush (Giri gates) 20 years ago and now we have our awesome rapper between us from okhaldhunga .He is raising star and we all need to support him for his every step of his career.10336658_1036506603080702_8723810447028651993_n GIRI GATES 'Ayush Giri'ICON FROM Okhaldhunga

If we go for his music he always tries to educate people through music and he asks all rappers do the same and follow his path.Educating people for the better future is his best ethic of his life and he will never let that disappear.

now let’s listen to his song and support our new hero Giri Gates.Please don’t forget to follow us for more updates.


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