Gurkhali Gurung, Back in Music Battle with Bad Brother

Son of Gurkhali and warrior of arts and artifacts presenting his beautiful songs among us.At the age of 26, Mr.Narendra Gurung achieved a quarter milestone of his life in the music industry.Supportive family and colleagues are great advantageous for him in his career.Life is full of struggle and challenge gives the resurrection benefit of life achievement, by sensing all these motivations MR.gurung never stopped his footstep on his broadway.

However, he was born in the remote place in Nepal mr.gurung seems to admire his place and its people.Love is everywhere and everyone needs love, as a matter of fact, Mr.Naren scattered love in air throw his songs.To be loved and to give love we need to overpower yourself and listen to his songs so that we can evolve another evolution on mankind.

In spite of obstacles and barriers Mr.Man bahadur Gurung and Maya Gurung gave their son a great motivation.He studied in Shree Gyan Jyoti higher secondary school Gurkha Nepal then joined Balkumari college Naranghad Chitwan and currently working at unique cable kshetrapur Chitwan.Singing is the best thing Mr.gurung can do and he will in his future, recently he has done some songs and sang between a huge mass of people.

Mr.Naren Gurung would like to thank all his supporters and especially Bad brothers currently he joined with them to tackle his dream.We all need to make Chitwan proud and support bad brothers to get more music fun among us.

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