Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim

Purna Bahadur Pariyar was born with a helping attitude in Lamjung District, Taghring V.D.C, Ward No 6, Nepal in 1984. There, he was brought up in a remote and illiterate village, where a strictly untouchable attitude has existed for generations, as the upper caste continuously discriminates and tries to dominate the lower caste. While growing up, being exposed to such bullying in the name of caste made him feel great sorrow and pain, so much so, he would sometimes be bound to weeping. From an early age, his mind was made. He would grow up to accomplish remarkable work intended to spread awareness and bring positive changes to his society. With such objective, he emigrated to Australia and now returns as often as he can to deliver charity work in his nation’s most remote villages. His family has now migrated from Taghring to Lamjung District, Bajhakhet Khasur.

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Mr Pariyar already seems very mature in his thinking as he continuously provides for those in need. His working style, selfless objective, and the way he speaks to others with respect makes him stand as a role model for the rest of his age group. When he arrived in Australia at 26, he was able to pursue his school studies at TAFE. All his struggle and hard work lead him to a brighter future.11700566_1603135206611361_7185788707863317400_o Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim He is now a teacher aide for a special school in Brisbane. He is the member of the Boondall Lions Club where people from various backgrounds associate. He has also founded a non-profit organisation called “Souls Helping Souls”, which he uses to send helping hands to his motherland, by focusing on connecting generous organisations and disadvantaged people together. He has operated charity events and fundraised through the selling of dumplings in a restaurant to provide for his village and school. His top priority is to manage the problems of potable water access in Nepal, permanently.18782_1603134853278063_6252245961044341354_n Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim


Purna tries to visit his birth place and help at the school where he received his education in Lamjung every year. Along with him, he brings essential goods for those most in need. Per year, Purna donates more than AUD $15,000 to the school where he has continuously helped with constructions and with teachers and students in need. Monthly, through him, souls from France, Britain and Denmark donate 40,000 Rupees to the school. He has made his school and many families very proud of him.11403425_1594362860821929_3095021058073055256_n Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim

After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, Purna left to help many. His efforts established a health camp in Gorkha and the distribution of relief materials throughout Nepal for the next three months. He distributed 110 sacks of rice and 240 kilograms of lentils. He supplied 2 litres of vegetable oil and soap to each family in Nuwakot Kumarigaun. He donated diverse relief materials to earthquake victims of Manvu, Tallopokhari, Palsyaang, and Mashel V.D.C. of Gorkha District. He provided Chakratirtha with 200 tents, Bichaur with 70, and Bajhakhet with other support supplies, as wells as 3 different schools with 66 metal roof sheets, each, to rebuild damaged buildings.

When he arrived in Kaski, Lumley, terrible landslides had severely damaged the village. Many had lost their family, houses and more. He could not stop his mind from shifting the focus of his attention towards the people of Lumley. From there, he was able to share heartbreaking photos to his friends abroad and sought, through such awareness, more assistance and relief supplies to the victims of Nepal’s earthquake.11137163_1603135246611357_6430620930760600968_n Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim

Purna does not believe that change through revolution and terror is a sustainable method; rather he sees help and co-operation as better ways to change the society’s traditional mindset. His objective is to redirect it rather by teaching good skills & thoughts to help prevent pre-judgmental traditional thinking from spreading, and instead, open people’s minds. The school principal praises Purna’s help and tells people how the face of his school has been changed by the help of his ex-student. Purna went from being discriminated in the village in the name of lower caste, to now even being praised by the upper caste. This is the symbol of Social Reform. In the last four years, his hard work has reached and been acknowledged far beyond his district.14975945_1615934908707543_45808194_o Helping Hands For Earthquake Victim

Purna is also a talented singer, more about his music career can be read in this article:फुलबुट्टे-चोलि-साघुरो-भय/, heard on Music Nepal’s YouTube:, and on his own channel:

He now lives and works in Australia where he provides counselling and advises Bhutanese refugees. His next visit will be this Nepalese winter. If anyone wishes to make contact with him, he can be reached at:


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