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16343775_1517122448302042_905709989_n Himalayas Cleaning Services,10% Heavy DiscountHimalayas Cleaning Services is owner operated and based locally in Melbourne. We have been providing top quality, cost effective cleaning services in Melbourne. Whether it’s your home, office or business, no job is too big or too small.



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Throughout our industry experience, we have seen the need in Melbourne for quality Window cleaners, experienced gutter cleaners, and competent pressure washers. So we took that leap of faith and established Himalayas Cleaning Services. At Himalayas Cleaning we endeavor attention to detail in all aspects of cleaning jobs we undertake with superior customer service that leads to high client retention and referral rates.16295927_1517124214968532_1113222165_n Himalayas Cleaning Services,10% Heavy Discount

We are very good at accessing hard to get to windows, gutters, and roofs due to extreme height, difficult access or rough terrain around your home.

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It’s common sense and good business practice. A happy customer will continue to use your service and refer others about your work ethics. That’s the bottom line. At Himalayas cleaning, we do absolute right by you.



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Our group is prompt, reliable and professional with a personal touch. Any issues and/or concerns you may have are resolved to your satisfaction in a timely manner. That’s a major advantage of going with a local cleaner as opposed to someone whose geographical scope is wider and may not be able to provide this level of exclusive services.16231276_1517124851635135_1679874655_o Himalayas Cleaning Services,10% Heavy Discount

Also, at the Himalayas, you are not dealing with an anonymous corporate entity but with an owner and staff who are personally vested in providing your home or business with excellent service.

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