I wish my teacher knew how i feel

A school is a place of learning for a child. It is the training ground for them. The first day of the school has the biggest impact on the way a person will eventually turn out in the future. My parents accompanied me to school on the first day. Soon a teacher came and led us to the classroom. This was when I began to cry as the parents were not allowed in a classroom.

A teacher is a person who provides education for a student. I think that many students are not satisfied with their teacher and their teaching styles. It has been found that if we ask a question to the teacher out of syllabus then they give some different answers. Like me, many students feel miserable and they are not being able to negotiate a problem.

Not all teacher but some teacher don’t understand the feeling of the students for example teacher gives us assignments and we should finish it on time but sometimes due to family problems, thickness we are not able to complete it the teacher doesn’t understand it. Teacher have to understand the feeling of tbe students. teachers should teach their students to tackle with the obstacles and diffuculties that the student face in their daily life.

The teacher scold their students when our shoes are dirty,w hen we did not wear proper uniform as a result the student fell guilty which results in the formation of negative impacts in their mind. The teacher should share the knowledge  with the student . Mainly the students of teenagers find different changes in them i.e.physical, mental and emotional. So teacher should provide necessary information regarding this topic. Similarly if the student is weak in study then it is the responsibility of teachers to know why the student don’t like to study?  Is there any family problems? And have to resolve it .

I last i would like to request all the teachers to understand the feeling of students , give them valuable guidelines which are very important in their daily life.  If the student is suffering from any problem then the teacher should find its root cause and help to remove it. Every students has dream to become something in future so help them to be achive their dreams.

received_1255764214435119 I wish my teacher knew how i feel

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