earthquake victim

I am scared and volatile ,I do not want to talk to anyone except myself ,I was terrified and extremely misguided by influence and reaction when I was sitting on my couch with TV .I think no one deserves to die because of what they have never done and would have done much better if they had chances before their soul rest forever.

My uncle ,nephew ,sister,brother,father, and mother as I don’t like to mention that I almost lost all of my family and I am depressed with the mental disorder.Their existence was wiped out by the homosexual government and me very sadly have to say this we still do support this pathetic government.My childhood could be a lot better if I had my family beside me when I was the just child but nothing.

Do not talk to me now because you never gave me warm hug when I wanted most and when I thought I was not able but you just killed my loved ones and took my happiness away.That was all your mistake and fault if you want to regret please do not do  kill again .My innocence was my disability and I supported you with my 10 fingers madly but you gave up and showed me the middle finger.

My whole house is empty now and I don’t want to live in this house anymore.You are sexually obsessed and raped me like no other living beings had rapped before.I am struggling in every path and with momentum on my life ,I don’t know how I am going get revenge but I will definitely move to the right place so that you can still humiliate innocent people who think you are greater than anything .

You gave blindfold to everyone and now you are laughing and no one can see,I am going to tell everyone now ,don’t let them rape you further ,wake up and take off your blindfold and create your own better world before too late otherwise you have to face humiliation from a homosexual government.

Dedicated to the Nepal’s government from  earthquake victim.



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