Kshitiz ,The Catalyst


Mr.Kshitiz born to be a lightning rod, the man of the multi-talent and great achiever.Born in 2055BS ,from Lok prasad chapagain and Amrita chapagain.Parenting culture and motivation were beyond the horizon for Mr.kshitiz where he becomes mr.catalyst.He always liked working with colleagues ,Mr.santosh chapagain was the supporter for him in every aspect of achievement.

He had worked in song’ buddha ko Sansar’ and recently he worked in one song ‘Aakha ma Rakha malai, even though he is still young but we all loved his great performance.His maternal uncle Bharat Pandey supported him through financially for his VIP career.Mr.catalyst still working on new project and he will not rest until he dies.

Let’s give him the big hand for his great success and motivation as well.We all have mistakes and mistakes makes more perfect to the achiever.Leave the comment below for his motivation .

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