Letter to brother by Haude

12196112_1045141528839829_5843214153983940190_n1 Letter to brother by Haude

A big brother is expressing his love and passion to his little brother.If we look to our new generation we always see young stars are involved in drug crimes without knowing by them .We all are responsible for our future generation and prosperity to keep in our society.The child grows old no matter how but when one child has someone to take care of or look after then the child could look his destiny towards bright light instead we all motivate them to get crazy and get involved in this matters.

Mr haude currently living in Dubai to become a great artist .We have no doubt that he is a good singer and rapper but this time Mr haude is seriously trying to manipulate to our young brothers for better life.Say no to drugs ,he always says that and the trouble he had faced because of his teenager vibe and not getting enough motivation by his surroundings fellow human beings.

Please brother don’t do same mistake as I did and be a good son and good brother ,as he trying to tell his loving brother by his music but we should all understand that haude is not just trying to tell his brother but all brother and sisters who are trying to get hand dirty or already got their hand dirty please do not follow hatred path ,if you follow good path then you will bring happiness to you and among all of your fellow friends and family.received_6902033744605942 Letter to brother by Haude

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