Lilly The killer

Lilly was a shy and smart girl, she always helped her grandma on her farmland.It was a century ago, everything was just untouched and fruitful to everything. Michel wanted to marry Lilly, he loved her, wasn’t clear about how he loved her or how he become the grown man.They were the close friend but never shared any inside feeling of each other.

Michel had one little son playing with him on his yarn, Lilly liked pony, Michel son but she never thought she would marry Michael one day.His mom was little stuffy, she never liked stranger.Every time I visit Michael she stared at me for so long, it was a time when Michael wife died from breast cancer, I hugged him and gave him some hope of life.

Michels mom merry always thinks she was a witch, that’s why she died.It wasn’t the best time of the year but I decided to go shopping and watch the movie, there were so much to do on our farm, grandma yelled at me for not helping her.

I was .young and wild, I saw Michael on my way to harbor bridge, he stopped and offer me a lift, I couldn’t deny his offer so I sat next to him, moment .he took off so quickly that I was the unbalanced moment.

We watched the movie and did some shopping as well, it was already dark and rainy.Before the home it was a long drive, Michael decides to stay in a motel but I said we need to go home because my grandma would get angry with me.we were on our way to home, it was heavy rain we couldn’t see far enough so Michael stopped his car with the heater on.I was sleeping on
his shoulder I realize when I woke up, he suddenly kissed me on my lips then forehead.

However , I was single but I did not even think for a moment that his wife has just died the month ago, he kept kissing me untilIwas completely seduced.we made love that night several times on his car then head off to our home.We didn’t even spoke single word after that because things happened so quickly that we were bit afraid .As soon as i arrived home i took the shower and began to think about Michael.I was little bit worried about ponny who was still a kid and i would not want to make him cry by taking his father away from him.

Next morning i meet Michael and his mum merry.Merry responded me quite polite and asked if i could be a ponny’s mother.I was shy and smiled at her then left.After a month we got married and lived together with Michel,h is son ponny and mother merry.After that wedding mother merry always kept me busy by asking me to do so much work,e-ven if i get tired i couldn’t say anything because she was so keen to hurt me in every ways.

Michel wasn’t aware of his mums behaviour ,i never told him either.I tried to be a good mom and wife but mother merry never accepted my behavior, I tried once about telling him about his mother but he refuses to listen and kept my mouth close,every night he wanted to have intimidation with me and as soon as he finishes he turned back and slept.My eyes
were wide open and began to think Lilly was a little girl and misses her grandma, L illy shouldn’t have married to a man who was already been married once.

God probably punishes her because Lilly’s mother died on birth time.Next morning when I woke up I found out that I killed Michael, pony and his mother merry, blood was everywhere in my hand and night dress, I w as shocked by seeing all of that.I began to cry but i didn’t want to stay there even for a moment because i murdered them,i didn’t want to go jail.Took my car and drive as far as i could and suddenly my car stopped then i realise it was the police station .I could not get way with that three murder either Lilly was killer.I did what my heart asked me to do and i have no apology for whatever i did.

I am sorry for trying to be a good mum and good wife but I am not sorry for killing my hatred family.
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