Lincoln vs Haude

  • ‘Nearly all man can stand adversity but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’this is the quotes by ‘Abraham lincoln’s we all know he was a great man with great achievement.Hari Chandra poudel and Namrada poudel gave birth to Lincoln poudel on kupondale Lalitpur Nepal.Every parent have a dream of their children so that they could see their child grow up with pride.
  •           They named him Lincoln because his parents always do follow the lincoln philosophy and wanted their son to be like Abharam lincoln.As he grown up with his family he started doing things he like, in our society anyone does not go to school and sing-song everyone call them was a brave kid and he never gave up his ideas.He started singing a song when he was eight years old.
  • , become an adult and he started to chase his dream , currently, he is working in Dubai (UAE).He is a man of different character , he laughed and said he doesn’t know how to tie his laces.He is a man with good heart and got so many friends. He always got support from his family and friends, I would like to salute Aaron, Prabesh, Bishal, Aadarsha who always stood beside me.Lincoln(Haude),with great effort.
  •        The man who never been to the studio and always organize his music desire within his room.Work hard and play hard , he able to manipulate so many fans with such a little and great stuff, imagine if we give him more support what he could do in future.We always expect better entertainment from an artist but we always forget what we can do to support and encourage him.
  • ‘SHIKE BEATS’is the music company never turned back on him, they supported him with every aspect of his fulfillment.’Toothpaste’ Paisa bot ma falcha’ are few short movies Mr.haude had played in Nepali.He never liked English songs, that doesn’t mean he hates English.He loves Nepal and Nepali music.We all do have some dreams and he does too.Let’s  support Mr.haude(lincoln), share ,like, listen and at the end get to entertain.
  •     who doesn’t like to get entertain,here are some video of his song and anyone can follow him on facebook or subscribe on youtube?

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