Little Charm Become Raising star




‘Aakha Ma Rakha mali’ new song going to release today from Chitwan(Post/ production:: Narayani creation).mr.santosh chapagain I like to call him little charm already brought some new song between us and again he is giving us another chance to get entertain more and more.Previously he published a song called ‘buddha ko Sansar’ and lots of viewers loved it and shared a love with us.

Being a friend and brother with Kshitiz chapagain they succeed with strong bonding.Played together and fought together with great pride on their forehead, they became cub of tiger where they just started their hunt within young viewers.Not everyone is familiar with this new artist but once you watch and listen to this song you will become a great fan of course.


Ramesh basnet as a director of this song and actor as well.He helped Santosh and kshitiz to become a new vibrant person of media field, not everyone will get cherry but special thanks go to Mr. basnet, it wasn’t the easy task, to create a visual effect and bring their beauty to a screen.

We all hope very best to these new little charms for their new songs, they need our love and support please watch, subscribe and share.Thank you




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