Little journey of life


Love belongs to nature and nature fulfill demands of all categorized and uncategorized, visible or invisible particles.They have their own brain, body and so on, creation and visualization are two different things as some people describe eating their meal within a day is a great achievement, on the same global time someone people, extremely happy no wonder, I asked them; they said they won the lottery.A friend of my own one small restaurant on the other corner of the world and he makes lots of people happy by feeding them every day.

Live inside desert and you will find the difference between life and death, there is no gateway in either way.Sadness and happiness come with their own perspective, kills each other.I heard a news another day, man killed a lion to save human beings, everyone looked so happy but not me. Lion could be happy by killing a man, he is a born killer and he has to kill not us.We have brains and we are better than any other living animals.

Eat meat same time eat vegetables ,have sex,img_7260 Little journey of lifesounds awesome doesn’t it:but why there is so hard that people hate each other, if you eat meat then you don’t like vegetarian then vegetarian doesn’t like eating meat but please don’t bring your ego in front of innocent living animals,they tend to forgive you but what will you achieve at the end is great priority before you die.Some living being dies at their young age, some die near their life expectancy.

You know, you will leave all behind and go with nothing but small coffin made from wood, there you go nature still protect you even after you die.Start living your life today not tomorrow, don’t wait for a miracle, create your own world with happiness; don’t bring your sadness around you.Kill according to demand not with an ego.Do not harm you neither others even that doesn’t belong to you.


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