Makten kalu with great passion of being a lyrics writer has become a successful today with new album ‘maan ko bahaa’ and we already loved his great work.Best singers are worked with him to create fantastic music and now it’s available everywhere.

He is got a great parenthood and great living life in Chitwan with a motive of entertaining people by his creativity.Father Bhupal Singh and Mother man Sudha mijar gave birth to Mr. Makten kalu 39 years ago and now we all are very proud of his parents that we have the awesome and loving artist who can really motivate his career just to give a good time for us.

These days no one can live music and no one ever had.Mr.Makten Kalu started his dream job from 13 years so that he could just be awesome and create the smile on people face.He had mentioned that he likes visiting places and his best place is Pokhara .

Mr.Makten kalu have a one and only request for his audience ,please leave feedback and give him the chance to get better .If you like songs please don’t forget to subscribe our site and get notified future updates ,thank you.

if anyone wants to contact Makten kalu email us and we will send your beautiful message to him.Thank you again for your kindness.14550598_558006864392208_1587124634_o MAKTEN'S FIRST ALBUM WITH BEST LYRICS


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