Maxo,The founder of ‘Bad Brother’


13714443_1212943578717183_310900563_n Maxo,The founder of 'Bad Brother'Mr.Sagar Dahal’Maxo’ is a good renown name in the music industry these days,started his career from the young age and collaborate with his mates .With the big passion to the music and zero tolerance to violence, Maxo always succeeds to bring the smile on people face.Mrs.Narayani Dahal and Mr.Kamal gave birth to Maxo on their young age despite struggle and young parents,they fulfilled his need and  gave all aspects of motivation for his greater future.

Even though his parents supported him for his better future but he specifically wasn’t able to get support for music career.Mr.Maxo decided to create his own band so,from collaboration to his friend Sangin Neupane they named band called ‘Bad Brother’.As being successful to form own band he released his first song ‘crazy disco’ and it was quite popular.

However,he grew up in a small town of Chitwan shiva Nagar Maxo never gave up his motivation as we know from his childhood ,he used to be one of the famous kid in school.Always sang in front of class and school and got lots of support.Mr.Maxo born in 1993 with lots of trouble but he always had gods blessing and love of his mother.He even won lots of prize from his rap battle and even went Malaysia and India throughout his journey to entertain people.

Talking to, Maxo mentioned that he always need his haters and lovers so that he could become more successful,this humorous behavior made him more popular among his friends and they always liked him .Singing on a stage among so many people and performing among valued Artist always gave more confident to him.

Lets support Mr.Maxo,Please spare just one moment to listen to his song and leave a comment below,show your heart doesn’t matter if it is the bad comment but what matters is what has to be done for next coming song so please listen, like, subscribe and comment.

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