Mr.Ashis ,Handsome Man of chitwan

ashis-kafle-nepali-model-artistnepal-com-5 Mr.Ashis  ,Handsome Man of chitwanCuriosity brings a creature to the next level and makes them more vulnerable so that natural ecosystem will continue and every living being could live happily ever.Destiny is the object you buy from the market and keep in your pocket ,it’s a value of your life which gives sweetness to live and laugh.

Mr.Ashis Sharma Kafle who is currently living in Chitwan Nepal with his dream of being best actor and model has become the sensation of our eyes .We now have another handsome and good looking boy who has chosen the right path for his career.Possibilities are within your hands and you need to see it every day to overcome its path.intereacting with many friends and colleague to create own surrounding for better future is his main characteristics.ashis-kafle-nepali-model-artistnepal-com-11 Mr.Ashis  ,Handsome Man of chitwan

Everyone wish that they have awesome parents than other friends but Ashish Sharma was born with it and still has his best supporter in his career life.We salute Mr.Anil Sharma Kafle and Mrs.Sangita Sharma Kafle fo their best support to Ashis and we admire his attention to details.ashis-kafle-nepali-model-artistnepal-com-27 Mr.Ashis  ,Handsome Man of chitwan

However,he likes acting and listening music Ashis sometimes plays a sport for his best interest and explore with friends.Mr.Manish Adhikari ,Bishal Gupta and remaining all friends are super awesome as we heard from the Ashis Sharma they inspired his for his acting career.ashis-kafle-nepali-model-artistnepal-com-1 Mr.Ashis  ,Handsome Man of chitwan

Listening music and watching movies whenever get time and takes every detail correctly so that he could get inspiration from best Nepalese’s actor.With talking to mr.Ashis mentioned that he currently worked with one music video and this is his first music video of his career. we will post that music video very soon when it’s released.

Let’s support our artist and spread the word to everyone so that our best artist would get best chances for their career.Anyone wants to contact him please email us and we will connect you with him and you can work with him closely.Thank you

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  1. Ashish bro,I have got chance to know you more closely.I know you frequently change your mind.I wish you won’t do such things now.I am happy,you are doing fine.Be sure I will be the first one to buy your ticket if you play a movie.I wish for your success.And one request don’t leave Bunkerz clan,and i often get your mail that really irritates sometimes.Especially while watching anime???

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