Mr.Binod And His Ability to Capture Moment

dsc0939 Mr.Binod And His Ability to Capture Momentborn to be wild and lived in a shade of treasurer with a natural vibe in his shoulder,there is no place where you could not go and feel through it for the existence of its own value and when you get involved deep inside then you will realize how happy you are to capture that moment.

Desire and ability sometimes jump same time and makes every step easier than ever to build our own surrounding more fabulous by its eyesight.Mr.Binod Kc who had his life grown up in a beautiful place we only could imagine,he spends his childhood  in palpa Tansen Nepal until he moved to butwol for further study.Creating moment with friends and taking every moment as the last moment of his life was his best feature not known by everyone.Well he didn’t have the hobby to take the photo and neither had accessible for it but Mr.Binod KC always took every sight deep inside him and now we all can see his brilliant work.dsc0957 Mr.Binod And His Ability to Capture Moment

With many ups and downs in everyday life, Mr.Kul Bahadur KC and Mrs.Hem Kumari KC were able to look after their son .They could not give an expensive camera to take the picture but they gave eagle eye for Mr.Binod for his precious gift .when he moved to butwol he studied his remaining school level in New vision Academy higher secondary school and now he is living in Australia for seven years.dsc3960 Mr.Binod And His Ability to Capture Moment

Preparing for careers Mr.Binod is now more involved in photography to give better perspective so that he could capture every moment of his life.Working with a different company was his best experience and they all loved his photography and even bought them.As we heard of ‘Golden Times Films’ and Pagoda creation’ are two company currently Mr. Binod is working closely.Anybody want to connect with him you can find him in facebook page ‘ . is supporting our artist for their better future so please spread the word to everyone so that our artist like Mr.Binod Kc won’t get fade away.We respect our artist and we do love them.

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