Mr.Nischal Karki Representing Dharan By Birsana Sakdina

Young AND talented with lots of courage even without parents support Mr.Nischal Karki always been motivated by his friends and uncle for his music career.He started him from very childhood and he always loved his work and we can still see his great work with our bare eyes.Being a young and not having lots of experience is quite hard for young people these days but Mr.Nischal is accepting his challenge and working hard in Australia and building his career through music and studying hard.15319459_1113917555402489_1523610869_n Mr.Nischal Karki Representing Dharan By Birsana Sakdina

Mr.Nischal Krki understands nature very well and captures his moment through eyes although he was born in Dharan Nepal, dharna beautiful place in earth.Mr.Kishor Kumar Karki and Mrs.Nirmala Karki gave birth to Nischal KarDharanand well took care of him and we have a great vibrant artist in Australia .He even work as a managing director of Blast times National daily.15369728_1113927678734810_1313290340_o-2 Mr.Nischal Karki Representing Dharan By Birsana Sakdina

Mr.Nischal Karki has released his song Birsana sakdina song recently and everyone loved his voice and great work.Studying and following career is hard but he has nailed it by his hard work.Writing a story of its own and singing needs great talent and he has already stepped up his foot in the music industry. is supporting our artist for their career so come and join us if you have a talent .thank you.


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