Mr.RC Thapa And His Begining


15126208_10209363212210733_65236569_o Mr.RC Thapa And His BeginingWishes are always there to celebrate and poke every moment to create the virtual reality by its tiny bore holes.Inspecting her little movement by rolling stone to bring peace within himself and manipulate everything around him to get wishes come true.Satya Raj Acharya is dreaming for his queen to come with him like the crazy man and willing to give his heart for her.15102054_10209372043071499_486896675_o Mr.RC Thapa And His Begining

Mr.Rc Thapa(Ramchandra that) who always had passion and motivation for his creativity and willingness to bring forward entertainment to the new level.Working hard more than ever even with the busy time schedule.we now have the best song by composer Mr.Rc Thapa who is writer and composer himself with our famous and all time favorite singer Satya raj Acharya.15129995_10209363206090580_1371821079_n Mr.RC Thapa And His Begining

Friendly behavior and little extra ability to make people smile made Rc Thapa more familiar with everyone from childhood.Making friends and helping needy one was his motivational character for everyone as we can see Mr.Rc Thapa is donating mo0ney for children in Dolakha Charikot Nepal.It was the devastating moment for us when we had the worst natural disaster in our country even now many children and family are under poverty and no shelter.We need helping hands more than ever like Mr.Rc Thapa who were the little hero from Dolakha Charikot now is become the best composer and singer as well.

Mr.Tanka Bahadur Thapa and Mrs.Netra Kumari Thapa we would like to salute both of you for taking care of Mr.Rc Thapa and encouraging his foot step.We want parents like you for our upcoming Artist who have ability and passion.Without any lessons and classes, Mr.Rc Thapa is able to create fantastic melodious song .Mr.Kul Raj Thapa helped him a lot to come forward in the music industry when he started his footstep and now his wife is taking care of all burden and letting him focus on creation rather than spending time for other stuff.

Gauri Shankar Bal Ashram is now located in Dolkha Charikot Nepal and Mr.Rc Thapa is spending his money from album to orphan children so we all need helping hands to make his success for his respectful work and we are proud of him.At the same time he his working for ‘International Nepalese Artist Society’ in Adelaide.

If anyone willing to help orphan kids by selling disk and spreading more words to bring helping hands closer you can contact as you can see we are working for people who needs please save your few minute and spread the word to everyone.

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