Music is my life and passion, By Praveen Bhandari

14500337_1241383729259050_6071983315297339446_o Music is my life and passion, By Praveen Bhandarimake it clear by showing vision and evaluate people by their ability not character and color.We seek the best morality from every individual and creates their surrounding according to our behaviour to benefit yourself.Selfish behaviour is what we show to others and expect better from others if we look back and watch how everyone is going through and their struggle we will suddenly overreact.

However ,in spite of so many difficulties and obstacles Mr Praveen Bhandari is now already able to create his own path and showing his moral lesson to the new generation.Born in a small town of Nepal Gaida Kot, Nawalparasi with so many hope in his life and gave precious time to took care of him for his parents.with friendly behaviour, Mr.Praveen were able to make many friends and with his ability, he was the most famous boy among his friends.


Mr.bishnu Bhandari and Jayanti Bhandari were so happy when they had an only son in their family and took care of him like the prince.With everbody’s love and affection, Mr Praveen was so humble and faithful ,he never did anything stupid besides his parent’s eyes.From his childhood, he is still a mums boy and he will remain the same.

Mr Praveen Bhandari went to local school and college at the same place ,because of love and caring from everyone he could not go anywhere and kept entertaining his parents including school and college family.Singing was his best thing he could do and create something he loves.He is a man of multi-talent as we can see he also  worked as a director and lyrics writer.With his best performance and willingness, Mr.Praveen were able to win Kalika FM musical award two times and well known with everyone by his melodious voice.15034358_1315283161816557_1820930429_o Music is my life and passion, By Praveen Bhandari

Even though he did not have his brother to support him and give motivation, Mr Deepak subedi and Gaurav Achrya were always there for him and he is very thankful to them for their support and motivation.A few years ago Mr.Praveen got married to women who were in the same industry and now both are working together to bring music to life.Mrs.Shila Bhandari is also a very good singer and she is very happy to work with her husband by her side in everyday life.14964085_1315283391816534_1574778191_o Music is my life and passion, By Praveen Bhandari

From single track to album Mr Praveen Bhandari already gathered lots of experience and cultural diversity from a diffrent location from Nepal.Now he is working hard than ever to bring that diversity in his music and bringing new fellow artist together to give some prospectus value to the music.Having a different talent is sometimes hard to follow despite many circumstances he was able to participate in BBC drama programme in Chitwan and able to get selected.

Mr Praveen Bhandari is still gone to the stage show and perform his song and everyone is loving him for his entertainment and friendly behaviour.Please support our artist and help them to grow and to bring better entertainment in future.


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