fb_img_1473002300779 MUSIC VS. MAHA KAAL Sagar Sharma, born in Devdaha- Khaireni of Rupandehi district is one of the most talanted rappers in Nepali Hip Hop (Nephop). He is often called by the name “MAHA KAAL” which is his stage name. He represents his crew Paranormals . He usually stays in home and spend his time playing with his laptop. He started his Musical journey from the song “Say no to drugs” which is based on real story. Recently he has been staying in Dubai. 

         Inspired from the english rapper Eminem and Nepali rappers Girish Khatiwada, Nirnaya NSK, Manas Ghale and Yama Buddha he started rapping. Upto now he had written around 20 songs with 1 official music video. His songs contain the real story and is heart rending. He is a lazy bone. He usually write dark lyrics. He loves writing rap songs ,uploading them on youtube . He along with his friends formed a band called “Zero Garvity” but later all the band members went to differnent places for their higher studies so he couldn’t continue his band. He is kind and helpful. He got education from Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School and from Sagarmatha College. During his school time he used to present his songs, poems in front of mass. He normally use the beat which is available on YouTube . In his official song “Meri Bhaideu Na” Brijesh Shrestha (Ness Production) arranged the beat. He got full family support . His parents are happy with him. “Ma Kasto Hu”, “Aayo Maha Kaal” and “Meri Bhaideu Na” are his most popular songs. Without the help of crew members, family and his friends it was not possible for him to join Nepali Hip Hop (Nephop). So his deepest appreciation goes to all of them who kept patience during his work. He loves beat boxing but he’s sad he can’t do it. During his interview with he told that in his recent visit to Nepal he had made a music video of a motivational storytelling song titled “Aankha Bhitra” he further told us that he will release it within September 10. You can find him on facebook by the name “मृत मस्तिस्क “. 

            At last his message to the upcoming Nepalese rappers is that if they want to be a dope ass rapper then first study about hip hop and its elements, learn rap techniques, schemes, practice writing on different topics because everyone claim themselves as a rapper but to stay alive in this game one must get well prepared and gain knowledge about rap. 

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