National Liberation Movement of Nepal.

526502_577778972241005_1524206327_n National Liberation Movement of Nepal.All the patriotic_Nationalist Nepalese come and join the National Liberation Movement of Nepal for the best sake of Nepal and Nepalese.Let”s abolish all sorts of evil thoughts,concepts,ideas,principles,theories,practices,deeds,rules cum regulations and attitudes from the bottom of our hearts.Let”s transform us and our communities and build a new Nepal in reality. Because this party is running with a new, scientific and practical ideology,-“Nepalism, Nepacracy and Nepali Nationalism”. This ideology has been born in Nepal by Nepali for Nepal and Nepalese, of Nepal and Nepalese through Nepal and Nepalese, ownership of Nepal and Nepalese as well.1487279_760119284006972_1824328285_n National Liberation Movement of Nepal.

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