Nepali Short Movie -International Student [Bancha Mann]

16667211_1241819015872494_25801769_o Nepali Short Movie -International Student [Bancha Mann]

Separating from your family and society is quite hard and when we do live away from own land and far away from family we struggle to survive by our own hard work but same time we enjoy living our different life and create our own future.We might work day and night but an end of the day we get our satisfaction .There is no work called less valued and no money is less fortune.16652808_1249805528449492_533239535_n Nepali Short Movie -International Student [Bancha Mann]

Being an international student Mr saigrace struggles for his daily life in Barcelona at the same time family from Nepal do not understand how hard is to be a student and survive at the same time.

When we lived with family and start to build our career we choose our own path and we respect that but when we come to abroad we don’t get something that we get back in the country.Some may be doctor and engineer but we are forced to work as a normal worker and start from zero level.

This short movie has been created to spread awareness for all international students and society from Nepal to show how difficult is to do something you don’t love and leaving our past behind as we go further to establish our separate profile in a different nation.

please watch this short movie and leave feedback.


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