New Nepali Adhunik Song By Bibek Pandey,Hijo Piuna Sike…….

14976032_215532898876821_229985992_o New Nepali Adhunik Song By Bibek Pandey,Hijo Piuna Sike.......Bibek Pandey a boy from Nawalparasi now comes between us with the stronger voice than ever. Bibek Pandey was grown up in a small town in Nepal where he had his childhood full of courage and motivation. From his childhood, he always dances and involved in music environment and he got the most support from his parents and brother though he never let that go away.

However he was a young boy but he had a full of courage and he never shy, in front of other people and always performed his song among all his fellow people.dancing and singing is all related together and Mr.bibek Pandey is still carrying is skill with him and he will until he dies.He doesn’t like hanging with friends and mostly he is good with girls rather than boys.Having a talent is always brings you forward among the mass and must be that was his key factor to get popular with girls.14976074_215533238876787_1579477554_o New Nepali Adhunik Song By Bibek Pandey,Hijo Piuna Sike.......

Even though, he was a middle-class family and always struggle with financial situation Mr.Bibek Pandey stood strong with family and took his step towards his destiny as we can see his performance with our eyes and we all loved his new song.Mr.Nabu Pandey a brother of Bibek Pandey knew his brother has some talent and he would make him proud by his success so  Nabu Pandey gave him all support and motivation to get him on stage and get going for his challenging career.

Even before this song our rising star Bibek Pandey already sang few songs and were able to make his space among millions of audience.We always think the most artist must have the awesome childhood but Bibek Pandey was a normal kid and struggled through his life by supporting his parents and giving them hands on everyday work by forgetting that his friends are having good times by doing something else.14716175_656619167852797_6615175390183993565_n New Nepali Adhunik Song By Bibek Pandey,Hijo Piuna Sike.......

we all loved our mom and dad because they gave us courage in our footstep and supported us in every aspect of our life. Mom Uma Pandey and dad Thaneshor Pandey worked hard every day on their hotel business so their child could be a next superstar in Nepal including international level.As we can see some potential on Bibek Pandey.Waking up early morning and learning music is his everyday life of our new artist in the same time he also spends time with many people for his performance.

It was a happy moment when Mr.Bibek Pandey mother gave him gold earring on his birthday, despite he never liked celebrating his birthday.Now he is 18 years old and still a teenage boy but having many difficulties he never stops his motivation so we all need to support him by every way and Mr. Bibek will never let us down.

At last Mr.Bibek Pandey would like to thanks, Mr.Bishal Poudel his teacher, Prabin Bhandari, Sasan Kandel, Himal Pandey, Nabu Pandey and including his family member who supported him in his footstep.

14971627_215534098876701_47268216_o New Nepali Adhunik Song By Bibek Pandey,Hijo Piuna Sike.......





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