Broad chest and open eyes with bright vision are some key characteristics of our photographer Mr. Arun Chitrakar.Supporting the needy people and polarize their activity to get more helping hands are mostly we admire about him.

A boy who was born in a small city of beautiful country Nepal was always curious and eager to know about camera and photography from his childhood.The struggle is real and there were obstacles to getting in touch with camera and knowledge about photography even though he wanted so much.Nepal is a tourist place and every day many tourists goes there to enjoy their holiday along with their  dream of taking the most beautiful picture and fell in love with them.13256405_10208574617030263_137611144209526860_n NO PLACE IS  BORING IF YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP AND HAVE A POCKET FULL OF UNEXPOSED FILM

Dad Ram Krishna Chitrakar and mom Ram Devi Chitrakar were the artist and were good painter with great passion and that were his great motivation for art and artistic visualization of something he likes to capture and keep it forever.Being a good son Mr.arun were brilliant and motivated to something he was done and his colleague and his parents were able to catch his dream and gave him the prosperous environment to grow up as a best and least photographer.

To explore more and expand his broadway he joined photography with Gopal Chitrakar ,Aishu Mathema and Dipendra Bajrachrya and he was successful to get some more knowledge about his dream.Along with the training of photography, he got the chance to meet his life guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar(spiritual leader) when he came to Nepal and he got the chance to take his picture throughout his journey and organize his first photo exhibition on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Nepal.14615791_1306466736032351_3903090276595604811_o NO PLACE IS  BORING IF YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP AND HAVE A POCKET FULL OF UNEXPOSED FILM

If we see around us we all can find everyone one is chasing their dream and no-one will waste their time to fulfill your dream and they don’t care about anyone in this selfish world but we always find odd in everything so Mr .Arun got the chance to spend some time with his friend Yang siew from Singapore who is a great photographer with motivational value to others.Yang siew gave more spacious time to Mr.Arun so he could become better and can explore more about his dream.

Living in the best city in the world is always a dream and he is now currently living in Melbourne Australia to chase his dream.With the short time of period in the different country, Mr.Arun is able to make his territory within Nepalese community and even did photo exhibition which was marvelous and people were so impressed with his photography .We all were affected by the earthquake which killed nearly ten thousand people in Nepal  and Mr.Arun were able to utilize his sophisticated talent to the earthquake victim.By his effort, earthquake victim was able to get their valuable needs to survive in extreme condition.14590124_298709097188608_2348388780523418595_o NO PLACE IS  BORING IF YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP AND HAVE A POCKET FULL OF UNEXPOSED FILM

He brought tears to many people by his photography and now more than anything people are willing to help needy people in Nepal and it is a great news for all Nepalese people who are desperate in need.To pursue his dream he was able to meet Internation photographer Mr.Yervent,Roberto Venezuela and much more in Melbourne photography symposium .Mr.Arun Chitrakar now got more motivation than anything and he will never waste his capability .






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