Pop Song By ,Sudhir Pariyar Directed by Ramesh Basnet

well, renowned director Ramesh basnet now is working harder than ever to bring music to life with is powerful brain functionality.As we can see in this song he presented everything so well and we all already loved it.The song is all about the girl who bring back one guy’s life to extreme value by love and made him proud.

Now Sudhir pariyar is trying to tell his love that all he have is his love and he couldn’t imagine anything without her.She brought him from hell to heaven and she will love him forever like before.It just could be a song but we all can learn some valuable point from this song.

Love is everything and if someone gives love then anything could change even if it is unbreakable.Now let’s give Mr.Sudhir and Ramesh thumbs up for their great work and we hope we will get more entertainment from them.

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