Post office Love!!

20150520_142928 Post office Love!!

Same bumpy and creepy road, alongside with little puppy twitching, I was scared, with my red cheek; heard a voice ?did you get my mail? I checked and reply, yes , yes.Took me half an hour to find that letter from my box.I am not sure if I intentionally could not find that mail.I was shivering, it was cold and frosty morning.I took off, with my little puppy, got home cook my dinner and feed my puppy then sat on a couch with woodfire on my front.I was rushed and tired, every day is a messy day for me, never got time for my house, its a mess, I hardly cleaned up once a week.
When I woke up it was already 11 pm, organiseI was rushed to the kitchen ,ate my dinner then I organize for tomorrow work.Slept around 1 is in the morning.My puppy slept beside me ,h e never left me alone he is very kind and loving .woke up with an annoying alarming system,I wish I never have to wake up and go to work early morning.
Again I was posting mails and walking like a grumpy man with long beards. I could see shaking hands from the far distance  even my puppy jumped ,he probably realise someone known person is letting him know that she is waiting .She asked again, do u have my mail today?; I replied no,she got the sad face with a wrinkle on her forehead. She suddenly locked the door and went upstair ,I was still watching her: what are you looking at ? Someone asked me ,I got the bit nervous and replied, nothing just wondering about the color of this house.
I moved to the other house because I had to deliver so many mails and have to go for a dinner on my grandmother grandmother never liked me but anyway, she invited me so ,I was the little bit excited .I rang the bell and her opened her door then welcomed me with the big nasty hug.I got quite shocked to see all of that sudden,she made me gravy and mash potato with roast chicken ,she knew what I like.when we sat down in a lobby with hot coffee ,she cried and smile at the same time and asked me when are you going to introduce your wife? I mound and said ,grandma I will but I don't know when she might not like me ,she is pretty, though.

Asked for a date you bloody idiot,mum replied; I remain quiet then left grandmother house because I got duty tomorrow. She said goodbye and I kissed on her cheek .when I got home I decide to write the letter for her ,wrote a letter and slept .As every day she was shaking hands i gave her that mail without telling that that was from me .She seems happy when i gave that letter to her.I suddenly leave and never looked back ,i was scared she could open that letter in front of me .Distribute all mails and got home ,sweet home .sat on a couch and start to think what’s gonna happen tomorrow.Anyway I slept for tomorrow morning ,it was longest night in my life,as soon as I woke up i went to work and arrived with mails on my hand in front of her house.
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She slapped me on my face and threw all letter on my face.I was angry and scared ,after that, I left quickly and left my job from that day, I realize I shouldn’t be in love with rich women.It wasn’t my fault to a poor guy but people seems to find out the difference between poor and rich.

I sold my house and moved away from that place .I had my father house far away bottom of the mountain. It was nice and peace and away from everyone.After one month I asked my grandmother to live with me on a mountain , she couldn’t refuse my proposal because she was lonely like me too.Grandfather left her long ago so, started to live together happily ever and joy in our face every day , I became a gardener and farmer.Grandmother cook food for us, it was just perfect until fox killed my lovely grandmother, I cried a lot and buried her in my garden even I grow one big mango tree on her grave so that I could sit on her lap and cry everyday …………….

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