SaaYaas,Palpable Presence


13514302_1199262773418597_132841156_n SaaYaas,Palpable Presence

Mr.SaaYaas, pathfinder becoming more generous and valued for Nepalese people living all around the world.On the behalf of Mr saayaas, we would like to thank all audience and blog reader.He is a fortune man came from Tikapur,kailali Nepal ,born in Achham on 1995,even though he is young and vibrant we always admire him for his performance and ability to understand audience requirement.

However,he wasn’t a great singer when he was a child but he sang so many songs in his class then that soul drove him all the way to the milestone he is right now.Perfection puts light on any object instead  perfection gave sophisticated vocal to Mr.saayaas.Mr.Anup kunwar supported him when he was nothing but the little hope and now hope become great artist between us.

Kamala rawal and Ramesh rawal gave birth to Saayaas Rawal with happiness and great joy within their family.He is the brother of Anil Rawal and Rama Rawal currently perform his songs within his territory but he needs more support and compliment from us more than ever so,he could reach his destination.The artist is the pride of nation following that some media people are still supporting him but he wishes more from an audience.

Mr,Saayaas is the big fan of GXSOUL and C.O.D,by their success, he is now trying to beat them and want to be more like GXSOUL and C.O.D so,lets someone be like MR.Saayaas so that we can have more artist may be our son and daughter could be the next warrior of a music industry.

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