A boy from Pokhara Nepal-born in 2050 BS willing to climb the peak of the music industry where people could get entertain and relax.He grew up to become great singer and entertainer.Working within the small boundary is not the thing of Mr.Sangit(Trailblazer),he likes to explore and expand the universe with his sweet vocal.

However,he was nothing but the simple boy ,his father Tham Bahadur Sen and mother  Chitra Kumari Sen always supported him through his journey.Mr.Sangit is the very fun loving guy and he always sings the song of freedom as he already sang ‘Aama’ and ‘Kina Nari’.Every artist has the power to change the world and Mr.Trailblazer is following that path as we can see from his work.

He studied in Rainbow Academic Homes ,with great perspective and motivation.Singing from the young age made him stronger and  gave more ability to understand human pain ,where now he is trying to educate blindfolded people through his vocal.

He likes MO.Mo.and always admire great singer like  2Pac,Eminem including his friend Artip Gurung, in every way they had supported him through his journey for milestone.Mr.Trailblazer needs the big hug and motivation,we all do.Spreading a helping hand doesn’t cost any money so let’s spread more supporting hands for Sangit Sen including his colleague and parents who gave him hope with an ability to participate in the challenge.

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