It was just a typical Saturday morning , I woke up with a ring on my phone that my friend letting me know that he was coming to my house for a coffee,I almost forgot I already knew before that day.Freshened up and looked outside it was raining , I could see drops of water falling from the leaf of the tree.

He arrived , saw him after a long time , greeted him politely and made one coffee for him.We talked for a while with tasty coffee, we laughed and laughed.I made breakfast for us and finished it off quickly , I suppose we were hungry.It was already afternoon and he was flying to his destination so he had to leave.

I say goodbye, then, of course, it was raining,I made myself warm sitting on a bed and laptop on my lap.Listen to the song and played with the laptop for a while then I got hungry again,saw there was something already cooked in my kitchen ,it was bread and soup.I ate some then kept working on the laptop.

she called I mean my partner,she was coming home ,I waited for a while and she arrived at a supermarket then I went there too . we bought some food then walked up to a home.Came home ate some food then talked for  a while.I cooked food around 8pm then we ate dinner at 10pm then straight headed to bed. I read the book called’ Desert crop’.it was good book.img_9572 Saturday(04-06-2016)

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