Nowadays corruption can be seen everywhere.It is like cancer in the public isn’t stable and increasing in high rate day by day.A country where great people like Gautam Buddha,Prithvi Narayan shah,Bhimsen Thapa and BP Koirala were born and led a value based philosophy is now facing the problem of corruption.received_6970068704612381 SAY NO TO CORRUPTION!!!

when we talk of corruption in public life,it is seen in politics,state governments,business,industry and so on.public dealing counters in almost all the government offices are the places where corruption is found.if someone does not pay for the work it is sure his works won’t be done.Nowadays, people have grown the insatiable appetite for money in them and they can reach any extent to get money.undoubtedly they talk of morality and the importance of value-based life but that is for an outer show.Their inner voice is something else.received_697007450461180 SAY NO TO CORRUPTION!!!

Corruption is always crying for money.our government officers are involved in giving and taking bribes and are involved in giving and taking bribes and are turned out to be corrupted.Thus the network of corruption goes on as usual and remains undeterred.

Though it seems very difficult to control corruption it is not impossible. It is a responsibility of not only government but ours as well.we can eliminate corruption if there is the joint effort.

received_697007450461180 SAY NO TO CORRUPTION!!!



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