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Susma ‘Nepal’ is an 18 years young single mother of 10 month old Assha.
Upon falling pregnant, her ex-husband kicked her out of their home.
Having no other family to return to, she became homeless until she met Eku, who offered to lodge her in exchange for help with his seven newly adopted orphans, found in different district’s earthquake rescue shelters.

Suleman “Eku” Sanker, 33, is a well-known stage, movie, tele-vision, and song comedian in Nepal, loved by all age groups, able to spread smiles across all faces, even under the worst of situations.
His house, severely damaged by the earthquake, was deemed unsafe to live in, and once refurbished, would have been too small to accommodate his new family of ten.
With the generous help of multiple friends both in and out of Nepal, Eku was fortunate to move into the slightly bigger place he now struggles to rent for 1,600 rupees per month, inclusive of water and electricity, in Mulpani.
Despite his poor situation and personal low-income from such a difficult-to-live-from profession, his charisma now desperately attempts to keep seven children enrolled at the local school, adding up to 25,000 rupees in schooling, transport, uniform, textbook and other material fees per month.
In addition, Mr Sanker plans to one day build a shelter and establish a foundation for all orphans in Nepal, many who he has already met, but, unfortunately, cannot afford to adopt yet, due to his limited resources.

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