Looking for my uncle!!!

Once upon a time, I used to live near the forest with my father in a small house, where there were no rooms, I mean no rooms, just a house.My father’s routine was to go forest and get firewood if lucky get some food as well.I was just a little boy scared and staying home pretty much every day, waiting for my father to come home with food, I remember some days father didn’t come for late, I was hungry and thirsty., crying.

I grew up seven and it was time for me to school.I didn’t want to go but my father won’t let me sit home alone and cry for a day, he even put my name as ‘cry baby’.It was my duty to school .my school was far away from home, I had to walk two hours with the naked foot in a dense forest.I always come home when its dawn.

When I was coming from school, tired and hungry like I could eat the whole donkey, I saw my father from a far distance, recognize it was almost dawn but recognize my father even from the shadow, he was my mother, sister, and brother.It was getting darker and darker till I reached home, was completely dark.I saw my father sitting in a lobby with right hand on his forehead.

He grabbed me and hugged me so tight, I could feel warm and love from his body, he didn’t cry but I could see his wet eyes.He took me inside, locked the door ,it was started to rain.He grabbed some firewood and cooking rabbit, the img_8076 Looking for my uncle!!!certain rain came and wiped away our fire, we couldn’t cook anymore either we could eat raw rabbit.

he holds me tight, trying to save me from rain, hungry.Asked him’father I am hungry’, he grasps and started crying .Tears started to come from my eyes,I couldn’t see my father cried.I almost felt asleep on his lap, I realize he was holding me till morning until I wake up.

As soon as I woke up he gave me some potato cooked then he left , telling me that go school when its time but come back sooner, he knew it wasn’t going to be soon but he was just saying to make me feel better.After he left I did my homework then I ate some berries from the backyard, even kept some in my bag for school.img_7143 Looking for my uncle!!!

It was a big festival day ‘dashin’and I had my school holiday.we woke up early morning ate some boiled potatoes and corn.Father said we have to go maternal uncles house for celebration.i was so happy ,after so many years I was going maternal uncles house, even though it was bit far and worse journey but the end of the day it was my maternal uncle house so I was ready .

It was a cold morning with fog everywhere, we could hardly see at the front.Father told me wear more cloth and make sure you don’t get cold , I looked at his eyes and blink, he kissed me on my forehead and said I love you, my son.We started walking , I was holding my father’s finger and he was carrying a small bag on his back.

Cold and frosty morning, I had to wipe my eyebrow more often, my father Blackbeard and eyebrow looked white , I asked him smiling , father you look like grandpa: he laughed so hard I never saw him laughing like that before in my life.He was very happy and even sang songs quietly when he was walking with me.

Ater walking twenty minutes inside the jungle , I heard someone calling for help, I got scared .I told my father , father someone is calling, he said won’t worry it’s a jungle there is no one here except us and an animal doesn’t talk.I believe him , we kept walking  suddenly I saw big tiger , very old laying middle of the big pond.My heartbeat was fast and I said father look, he said don’t worry he not going to eat us.img_7142 Looking for my uncle!!!

I felt like tiger was talking to me , he was saying help me to get out of here, the father denied .i was worried, old tiger agree to give one shiny gold ring , w hich was near to him floating on the pond.we were very poor so father agrees to help him to get out of there.He went inside the pond ,e-ven it was freezing cold.After he reached near to the old helpless tiger he grabbed my father, I started to freak out and begged him not to kill my father.

Cruelty animal didn’t listen to me , he ate my father alive.I sat there and cried for a day , I didn’t know what to do next.I decide to go maternal uncle house because I couldn’t get back to the house .There was nothing left for me now.I started walking slowly , it was nearly dawn I was still inside the deep jungle.I saw one big fox ,h e tried to kill me but he stopped ,h e says I was crying .He asked me everything and I told him my story,h e believed or not I don’t know but I promised him I will return when I saw my maternal uncle .

He left me with my promise,that I will return back to him.Again I saw big snake trying to eat me .He was a bit polite first tried to convince me to go his nest ,e ven he said he will keep him safe but I wasn’t sure if he will or not.I kept walking ,pretending like no one there.He didn’t fool either,I had to promise him again I will return back to him.

I had interact with so many animals ,they almost killed me . I was lucky to be alive ,I promised them I will get back to them so they can make a meal out of me.IT was next morning I reached my maternal uncle’s house ,as soon as I got there I saw big lock in his house .I realize there was no one in this house.I went to his neighbour’s house and asked about my uncle ,they said he moved last year from his house and they don’t know where he moved.

I lost all my hope ,I lost my father who was the world to me ,I sat there and cried,one old woman came near to me and offered me some food and water. I finished it at once ,I was so hungry.I  did stay that night with that old women . Next morning ,I left that house saying goodbye to the humble old women to look for my maternal uncle.If anyone saw him please let me know ,or let him know that I am still looking for him……………..

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