Story of my day

I woke up early morning ,it was just a beautiful day, more like caring and loving especially when you sit on a chair, window open bright sunshine on your face :extended skin layer with warm and strong moccona taste.

Had a driving lesson at 10am ,waited for a while ,he arrived ,I called him Mr.Rick.Had a polite conversation with’ good morning ‘greeting.Drove nearby my town with lots of confidence and joy.I was ready but still not sure if that would make my result fruitful or not.

During my lesson, I missed some calls ,as soon as I complete my driving I called back ,it’s for my appointment so I did fix that.Came home had a breakfast ,it’s was bit late but doesn’t matter ‘eat whenever you want and drink whenever you want’ i always follow my heart, not others.

I love collecting coins , after finishing breakfast I did separate coins for my collection and took some for the deposit on the bank.Came home and ate some food then played for a while with the friend then ate some food again.she arrived with hungry tummy,don’t get confused with she , she is my lovely wife.Cooked some food ate served her with little joy on her face.

It was nearly 8:pm img_8085 Story of my daystarted cooking ,finished it off within an hour then ate dinner around 10pm.went to bed read some book ‘Desert Crop’.It feels good when you read something like that ,its part of life ,reading before the bed gives you good night sleep, do try if you don’t believe me .

Full of thought , not about life ,it was about books character because reading wasn’t finished yet.That’s how you forget all your stress and don’t take it for yourself ,give it to the character.

Goodnight fellows,


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