Story of soldier died in Arghakhachi


This is the picture from Nepal arghakhachi district,people believes this is the soldier who had died because of his lie.We can see one temple called Supa deurali middle of the mountain ,lots of people go there and pray,they believe that if we ask anything then we will get our wishes fulfilled.Today I am going to tell you what was really happen with this soldier ,who is still can see through image on our mountain rock.

It was the century ago ,there was a man who wanted to be a soldier but because of his poverty, he could not fulfil his dream.One day he realises there is one temple called supa deurali and if he wishes anything he would get his dream come true.He went there and pray with the god and even took some money which was collected in there,to become a soldier.

He became the soldier and came back home after so many years but never did whatever he promised with the temple ,he even avoids the road he used to walk through the temple .He did that so many times ,after avoiding for a long time ,supaimg_7525 Story of soldier died in Arghakhachi deurali got angry and god put his body on the rock as you can still see his image to the naked eye.

img_7400 Story of soldier died in Arghakhachiimg_7524 Story of soldier died in Arghakhachi

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