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केटा राम जस्तो महापुरुष पति भएपछि | अनि केटि सीता जस्तो सभ्य श्रीमती भएपछि ||

टाडा हुदा छुट्ला कि भन्ने त्राश भैदिन्छ | त्येही त्राश कैले काहिँ खास भैदिन्छ || यो जीवनमा मायालाई जसले पुण्यसग जोड्छ | उसको नै सम्बन्ध विश्वास भैदिन्छ || [code lang=text] <br />मुटुमा गाढा गरी लेख्न मिल्ने कलम भैदिए | बिछोडलाई पनि सहन सक्ने मलम भैदिए || सबै सम्बन्धहरु प्रगाढ हुने थिए होला | य़ेदि आफ्नो

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Lilly The killer

Lilly was a shy and smart girl, she always helped her grandma on her farmland.It was a century ago, everything was just untouched and fruitful to everything. Michel wanted to marry Lilly, he loved her, wasn’t clear about how he loved her or how he become the grown man.They were the close friend but never

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Little journey of life

Love belongs to nature and nature fulfill demands of all categorized and uncategorized, visible or invisible particles.They have their own brain, body and so on, creation and visualization are two different things as some people describe eating their meal within a day is a great achievement, on the same global time someone people, extremely happy no wonder,

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