who says no to sex


489878-sunny-leone-56 WHO SAYS NO TO SEXThis is my experience from lifetime and I would like to brief you about how did I felt and  how come I was so desperate to hook with girls throughout my journey.

Let me ask you first ,how many partner did you have and how many would you like to have we all know we are so desperate to make the impression to opposite sex to have sex but did anybody ever thought about how your mind and your body parts would react if you ready to copulate .download-1 WHO SAYS NO TO SEX

When you enter in your young age and you basically don’t know anything about sex and you want to know  but you are so shy that you can’t ask for anyone but experience stubborn life to not to get embrace by your fellow friends and family.We have been taught to not comply any relation with girls and even if we do have friends of opposite sex then whole society including your family will disgrace you by the different perspective.

I had a friend who was gay and he never went out with opposite sex but with his own fellow classmates then when he become adult age their parents wanted him to marry the women whom they think she is right for him but he was so depressed that could not even tell his parents of his sexuality and commit suicide.

Giving an impression and living with stubborn society is part of our life and we don’t want to escape because we all are afraid that if you choose your sexuality then what would will they think.We need to make yourself more characteristic and eligibility to make them understand your feeling and your behaviour, don’t let your parents and society control your feeling ,you have your right and by law, you are free to choose your sexuality so that you can live your life happily.images WHO SAYS NO TO SEX

we all are living beings and we are the result of work that is done inside four corners.Then why they hate so much about sex if they have created beautiful you and they are happy .It’s all in their mind that they don’t want you to take part in that activity without their permission .That’s totally forbidden in all living beings who comply with nature and move their race for next generation.

We all get happy when we welcome the baby in our house if that is permitted by parents ,but if some women had sex with someone she loves and had a child then she will definitely get rejected by family and every individuality.

So that we all need to understand we all say no to sex and we all want sex ,this is the bitter truth.If you have to change then start from you ,don’t wait to be changed by someone that’s never going to happen.Nature loves sex and we all do so why not educate everyone about sex and make them aware of it.


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