winter Love

It was cold and frosty morning, you could hardly feel any sound nearby you,it was dead silent.Jumped from the bed and clean only nose and mouth ,couldnot bother cleaning rest of the area.i took my bag and kicked one lazy ass with my leg,he was still sleeping ,don’t forget to cook some dinner, I remind him.

I was walking on the street with a cold breeze on my nose, some liquid was just dropping from my nose, I could barely stop it.I saw one tea shop and went inside , asked him , can I have a hot tea, please.I sat down on a chair with two hands in a pocket I didn’t know which hand was going to use for tea.It was already late for my college so I drank tea fast as I could and moved my leg as fast as I could.

One smooth smile greeted me on a class , I sat down on a class and took some class until 10 am .I did not know where did that smile came from but I was happy anyway.Class finish and went to Draft land where we all friends used to play with snowballs.Didn’t take much time to get bored so I and my friend Tagoon yelled each other about tomorrow class.Tagoon was asking me to go his cousin wedding and I was saying I need to attend college.

He promised me he will not force me to drink , I took my bag and we headed for the place called ostiobelt, it was beautiful and surrounded by small mountains.Before towns, you could see little tiny flowers blooming and making everyone shy with the beautiful smile.I was a boy who grew up in a cold , frosty Draftsland but Ostiobelt is always a spring and blooms all over.

Tagoon took me in his room and gave me his cloth , we got ready for a family dinner.I was all over it,it was just a strange place for me ,I could not stop looking at it.I was on my way to dinner table but I felt like I was lost, the house was so huge .She whispers, are you lost? I replied,no I am ok She didnt seems to agree with my terms so, she hold my hands and guided me to the dinner table and gave me chair to sit down.

I was speechless,noone ever showed that type of kindness to me ever.I took my fork and knife and ate my food then quickly washed my hands then headed to the bedroom,that feeling when she grabbed my hand and walked with me it was comming back everytime i blink my eyes.I liedown on my bed and read my book ,it was my everyday routine to read book before go to bed.

I have a hot tea for you stranger,i heard the voice but i didnot know who it was.As soon as i open the door she enters my room and left that soup bowel on my desk then sat with me on bed.I already knew she was bit talkative but i didnot know she likes jokes,she said she begain to like me and she want to spend rest of the life with me.My red face and wide open eyes was completely saying you are mad women.

She never stop and didnot stop that red face and wideopen eye either,i dont remember when she left .When i woke up it was already late ,sunshine on my shoulder.It was wedding day so i had to get ready as soon as i can.She never told her name but i called her stranger because once she called me with the same name too so, i thought that would be the perfect name for unknown person.She came with hot water,she offered me if she can organise my room and dress but i refuse and went for shower.

After i finish my shower,i saw all organise and settled like nothing happen in my room.I smiled and asked her name ,she said winter.She suddenly left my room and i got ready then attend wedding with Tagoon,we drank lots of wine and home made drink.I promised i am not going to drink but Mrs,winter stuffed me up and danced with me whole night on weeding cereamony.

Heavy head and no cloth on my body woke up with a greesy  body.She was sleeping beside me and i realise i was sleeping on her little yarn,i did not like to wake her up so ,I left that yarn and meet my friend Tagoon.He was laughing when he saw me,he said you are in love my friend.I said we have to go to Draftsland,winter will be over soon ,we need to get ready for summer college.

we were ready to leave and Mrs.winter arrived and hugged me tight ,said please don’t leave me ,take me with you,I want to go with you;marry me.I could not say anything but kissed her and said I am a boy ,I can’t marry soon, as soon as I finish my college I will come back to Ostioland and marry you,I promise.It was harder than anything I ever felt in my life but it was the wright thing to do so ,me and Tagoon took the horse and left for Draftsland with a memory of Ostioland ,I turned my head and say goodbye to lovely Mrs.winter.I was holding beautiful scarf Mrs.winter gave it to me before I left with my name on it,Mr.stranger………..

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