Young and Wild

If we look at the geography of the Nepal southern east is well-known part  especially janakpur is very famous.Where mr. Ramesh basnet  was born in the holy place with the good spirit.He was born in 2049 ,janakpur bardibas he spent his childhood playing around with is the big family.Being with big family is a lot of fun as he mentioned .

from the childhood he always wanted to be a model and actor and director .his father name is min bahadur basnet and mother is prabati basnet .He started is modeling  career three years ago from versatile singer Pramod kharels music video.As he started his career ,he got so many offers from the different company to be model and actor. He could not refuse any of his offers so, in his young age of 24 he had already worked in 55 music video including actor and as a director.The music industry is vast and never ending hard labor.That’s the whole spirit of Mr. Ramesh basnet who believes in hard labor to achieve the goal.In every successful people needs support and encourage ,his maternal uncle including sister and brother are the main icon of his successful basement.

He is working as a technician at Best channel located in Bharatpur Chitwan Nepal.Living in a heart of Chitwan and working in a media field is the great benefit for Mr. basnet,being a far from hometown is very challenging especially with new people and new colleagues .He believes in challenging so everything in his life is the challenge and he did accept that.

Here are some videos of Mr basnet ,please don’t forget to watch and leave the comment ,any feedback is appreciated.

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