Young Hustler(Somit Adhikari)


Mr Somit Adhikari well organises and currently live in London.Full of passion and motivation drove

him to the peak of the mountain through the music industry.Loved the party and gathering with friends,

charming face and body structure caught a lot of people attend every time he performs his song in the heart of London.

A boy born in Biratnagar Nepal does not get much time to spend with his father, living a life without having a father every moment

of life is very hard for Mr.somit Adhikari, because of business work father needs to travel but his son never wastes any moment, he prepares himself to be a good singer and artist.

Mr.Somit Adhikari also known by Brisk Timos his stage name.He dropped his first song in 2012 with the new music career.

Dhamala lai hamala well-known song organize by Brisk Times and UNIQ, we all know his best entertainment of all time and hope he will bring us more adventure.

Let’s support Brisk Timos , let us not get bored and make him proud.Like, share and subscribe.

13514517_929301540525258_1119182781_n Young Hustler(Somit Adhikari)

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