Anish lama knew by his stage name “Young phonexm”, was born at Biratnagar. Recently he is studying in standard 11 at Kantipur International College. He is very kind,helpful,friendly and well disciplined. He used to collect his friends and go to the outing for several days. From his childhood, he is interested in singing songs, especially Rap.

He started his musical journey from class 8 but he first recorded his song while he was studying in class 10 named as “Ferki aauna”. Inspired from his classmate shared and kishan he started to sing the song. He often used to write and sing love songs. Mc flo and Eminem are his favourite Rappers. After he recorded his first song he formed RNB Crew and made 2 songs there then he signed out from that crew. Then he formed a new crew known as REAL INC.There were 4 members of that crew. He has altogether one music video with six audio. He liked to battle with the different emcee. He usually spent his time with his laptop,writing the song and so on. All the family members especially grandmother was happy to see him as a rapper. He has recorded all his songs from Beat audio studio. Recently he is in the “WALKING B CREW” which is also a part of RNB crew. From his crew, his is going to release his new album known as “Maya ko aartha”.

At last, he would like to express his sincere and heartfelt gratitude to his family members,crew members,friends for their enlightening ideas , inspiring suggestion and support. He told that without the help and support of that person it was difficult for him to start his musical journey. His deepest appreciation also goes to the members of


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